This page lists all my research publications. Those marked by (*) have not been refereed. This list is also available as a PDF file. Cette page est également disponible en français.

For a friendlier presentation of my research, here is an introduction.

The definitive version of my papers is always the one listed on this page, which includes all reviewer feedback and all corrections and errata (if any). All my publications are freely available. Never buy my papers from scientific publishers: you would be wasting your money, and you risk ending up with an older or otherwise inferior version.


I try hard to avoid making mistakes in my work, but I'm sorry that they sometimes seem to happen despite my best efforts. When a mistake is found in one of my papers, I usually update it with a corrected version, and also update the links on this page to point to the latest version. However, when the error is major, there is always a risk that older versions of the paper will still confuse or mislead readers, especially in cases where the publisher version (in conference proceedings and journals) cannot be updated.

For this reason, in an attempt to minimize the impact of mistakes, here is a list of the major errors that I know about. Here are my criteria for when an error must be included in this list (some more minor errors may also be covered):

Here is the list of errata: