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Antoine Amarilli



Antoine Amarilli [ɑ̃.twan.a.ma.ʁi.li]. Handle: a3nm.


Born 1990-02-07. French national. Appearance as of 2017.


Email , if possible encrypted with my OpenPGP key


Associate professor of computer science (office 4C24) in the DIG team of Télécom Paris, 19 place Marguerite Perey, 91120 Palaiseau, France (directions).


PhD in computer science awarded by Télécom ParisTech on March 14, 2016. Former student of the École normale supérieure.




Other sites

  1. Blogging: a3nm.net/blog
  2. Git: a3nm.net/git




See my teaching page.


Online presence


Main publications

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Latest and upcoming talks

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Peer reviewing

As a signer of No free view? No review!, I only accept review requests from open access venues: see my open access policy for details and explanations.

PC member
KR 2021, AAAI 2021, IJCAI 2021, STACS 2021, IJCAI 2020, IJCAI 2019, ICDT 2019, ICDT 2018, BDA 2017
Misc reviews
LMCS, ICDT 2022, ICALP 2021, ICDT 2021, STACS 2020, MFCS 2020, ICDT 2017, BDA 2016

Other academic writings

List of open questions
Some research questions that I find interesting and to which no one knows the answer.
What's wrong with academia?
A detailed list of challenges about the way academia works.


Git repositories

Connect to an IRC server, write messages on stdout, say what is given on stdin. Useful to write bots. C program, using libircclient. See the README file or the blogpost. GPLv3 licensed.
A French poetry validator for metric, rhyme and rhyme gender. You can also get the code. GPLv3 licensed.
A French rhyme dictionary. You can also get the code and have a look at the README. GPLv3 licensed.
A system to find out whether the initial 'h' in a French word is aspirated or not. Can be used as a standalone program or an a Python module. No big dictionary of exceptions, but rules learned from a corpus and stored as a trie: compact, fast, and reasonable for unseen words. See the README file or the blogpost. MIT licensed.
A system to infer the last few phonemes of a French word. Not very clever.

Humor attempts

The Password Security Checker
Check the strength of your passwords!
A new powerful axiomatic system.
Brain Transplant
A new medical procedure.
Door Safety Instructions
See the club Inutile website for more information.
Weird legalese
A few weird things found in what we always accept and never read.

Application notes

Applications to research positions
Some notes about my applications to public research positions in computer science in France.
Information about the theoretical computer science oral exam for ENS
Some documentation about this exam for the competitive examination for ENS (in French).
Resources for "classes préparatoires" students
Some documentation about competitive exams to enter French engineering schools, in particular the ENS INFO contest (in French).

In French

Source code and report for a program to draw the OpenPGP trust network.
Notes on electrical networks
Useful for students in French "classes préparatoires".
The beauty of disorder
A five-hour "dissertation" for the "Concours général de philosophie". Was awarded a "premier accessit".
Various poems, not to be taken seriously.
Futurs simples
Old vaguely philosophical science-fiction short story collection.
Competitive exam report report
A report about competitive exam reports. "Classes préparatoires" students may find it funny.
French defective verbs
Extended conjugation tables for French defective verbs.
Tutorial session about bipedalism
The assignment for a somewhat straightforward tutorial session.