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2024-01-06 19:05executableAntoine Amarilli1+0-0
2023-08-06 16:43gitignoreAntoine Amarilli1+6-0
2022-10-16 15:39fix typos and one error in test dataAntoine Amarilli2+2-5
2021-10-13 15:09undo additionsAntoine Amarilli2+5-2
2021-10-13 12:40additionsAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2020-12-01 10:18update docAntoine Amarilli1+2-3
2020-12-01 10:17fix crash with bad leading characters with haspiraterAntoine Amarilli3+19-6
2020-12-01 09:53+install_requiresAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2020-11-29 18:28fix bug in error displayAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2020-10-27 20:09+TODOAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2020-10-27 20:07fix test output againAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2020-10-27 20:06fix file locationsAntoine Amarilli1+11-11
2020-10-27 20:00remove expected errors which should not have been expectedAntoine Amarilli1+0-10
2020-10-27 19:58Merge branch 'master' of into masterAntoine Amarilli2+30-11
2020-10-27 19:58fix location of data/ files and add res/Antoine Amarilli11+125552-125552
2020-10-27 19:57remove old code making it impossible to disable classical rhymesAntoine Amarilli1+0-2
2020-05-18 08:19mention pipAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2020-05-18 08:17update README to new packagingAntoine Amarilli1+3-3
2020-01-11 11:05fix pointer to missing fileAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2019-08-26 14:46todoAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2019-08-18 12:40repair localizationAntoine Amarilli4+73-58
2019-08-18 12:40fix: use kind_humanAntoine Amarilli1+15-15
2019-08-18 12:27JSON output format for errorsAntoine Amarilli7+238-79
2019-08-18 12:27gitignoreAntoine Amarilli1+12-10
2019-08-18 12:25move experiments to Amarilli8+0-180
2019-08-18 11:32use argparseAntoine Amarilli4+69-59
2019-08-18 11:13put diaeresis training in a more logical placeAntoine Amarilli28+86527-86520
2019-08-18 08:35rm useless scriptsAntoine Amarilli3+1-47
2019-08-18 08:34mv occurrence preparation script to own subfolderAntoine Amarilli10+67-65
2019-08-18 08:31update occurrences to lexique 3.83Antoine Amarilli3+558-558
2019-08-18 08:27ship occurrences directly in the repoAntoine Amarilli3+125567-12
2019-08-17 17:04todoAntoine Amarilli1+2-2
2019-08-17 16:58todoAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2019-08-17 16:57update the README to the packaging etc.Antoine Amarilli2+42-41
2019-08-17 16:54TODOAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2019-08-17 16:52migrate ouliplint to plint_extraAntoine Amarilli4+2-368
2019-08-17 16:50migrate website to Amarilli23+13-4912
2019-08-17 16:34Merge branch 'master' into 'master'a3nm29+4307-4157
2019-08-15 22:19new version of lexiqueAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2019-08-15 15:15exact comparison of test resultsAntoine Amarilli3+146-36
2019-08-15 15:14make test results really deterministicAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2019-08-15 13:30sort expected/inferred prons (make output deterministic)Antoine Amarilli2+1-2
2019-08-15 13:29return value for test scriptAntoine Amarilli1+4-0
2019-08-15 13:26Merge Amarilli22+1280-1158
2019-08-14 22:43+4 corneille works from new sourcesAntoine Amarilli10+7156-26
2019-08-14 22:42+comédienAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2019-08-14 22:42testing codeAntoine Amarilli2+6-1
2019-08-14 22:19+corneille_place_royaleAntoine Amarilli4+1497-1
2019-08-14 21:53TODOAntoine Amarilli2+4-6
2019-08-14 21:53version undocumented ouliplint codeAntoine Amarilli2+365-0
2019-08-14 21:53+herediaAntoine Amarilli2+647-0
2019-08-14 15:14cleanupAntoine Amarilli15+177-168
2019-08-14 14:55TODOAntoine Amarilli1+0-1
2019-08-14 14:55update the test targetAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2019-08-14 14:54document how to update the localeAntoine Amarilli1+12-1
2019-08-14 14:51update translationAntoine Amarilli1+65-56
2019-08-14 14:41fix localizationAntoine Amarilli1+2-1
2019-08-14 14:36links no longer neededAntoine Amarilli1+4-13
2019-08-14 14:33gitignoreAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2019-08-14 14:28fix various bugs from refactoringAntoine Amarilli94+40529-40501
2019-08-14 12:34Merge branch 'master' into 'master'a3nm147+25128-24953
2019-08-14 12:14update repository URL of dependenciesAntoine Amarilli1+5-5
2019-08-14 12:10copyright year; repo URLAntoine Amarilli1+2-1
2019-08-13 00:25update expected outputAntoine Amarilli2+91-10
2019-08-12 23:54+5 plays by corneille (out of 32)Antoine Amarilli10+18383-0
2019-08-12 23:54+various poemsAntoine Amarilli8+165-0
2019-08-12 23:53+2Antoine Amarilli1+2-0
2019-08-12 21:56add potential sourcesAntoine Amarilli2+37-0
2019-08-12 21:43+last racine worksAntoine Amarilli7+6147-0
2019-08-12 20:35update current errorsAntoine Amarilli3+104-4
2019-08-12 20:34TODOAntoine Amarilli1+8-2
2019-08-12 20:26add more racineAntoine Amarilli16+15643-1
2019-08-12 20:06+missing file, gitignoreAntoine Amarilli2+4-0
2019-08-12 20:05add training data from verbal forms of verbiste, and nouns of lexiqueAntoine Amarilli14+84901-19
2019-08-12 19:09+pluralsAntoine Amarilli1+150-0
2019-08-12 18:57diaeresis on porte-avionsAntoine Amarilli1+2-2
2019-08-12 18:31fix apostropheAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2019-08-12 16:37fix TODOAntoine Amarilli1+0-4
2019-08-12 16:36do not crash on templates with empty identifiersAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2019-08-12 16:33do not crash on only hyphensAntoine Amarilli2+5-0
2019-08-12 16:19do not remove space after apostrophesAntoine Amarilli2+1-2
2019-08-12 11:50+bugAntoine Amarilli1+4-0
2019-08-12 10:27todoAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2019-08-12 10:25more additions, thanks McAntoine Amarilli1+16-0
2019-08-12 08:51todoAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2019-08-12 01:26lower threshold and more additionsAntoine Amarilli4+370-2
2019-08-12 00:35typoAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2019-08-12 00:23TODOAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2019-08-11 23:26code to count syllablesAntoine Amarilli2+59-0
2019-08-11 23:17order of weights in reportingAntoine Amarilli1+3-6
2019-08-11 23:13shanghaïenAntoine Amarilli4+15-5
2019-08-11 23:01more additions based on comparison to lexiqueAntoine Amarilli2+19-1
2019-08-11 22:44retrainAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2019-08-11 22:32proofread additionsAntoine Amarilli1+11-10
2019-08-11 22:15lots and lots of additions by comparing to lexiqueAntoine Amarilli3+668-3
2019-08-11 22:08all sorts of annoying 3-syl vowel clustersAntoine Amarilli1+25-0
2019-08-11 20:53iaouAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2019-08-11 20:18typoAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2019-08-11 20:18antiaérienAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2019-08-11 19:53+abbayesAntoine Amarilli1+5-2
2019-08-11 19:23document normal test outputAntoine Amarilli3+46-2
2019-08-11 19:17update TODOAntoine Amarilli1+0-5
2019-08-11 18:34more additionsAntoine Amarilli5+273-15
2019-08-11 18:34add base rules for vowels, fixes "oublieux" problemAntoine Amarilli1+2-2
2019-08-11 17:51fix mistakes via additionsAntoine Amarilli1+4-0
2019-08-11 17:26fix format of the additions fileAntoine Amarilli6+129-232
2019-08-11 17:13more consistent exit codesAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2019-08-11 17:09restructure TODO fileAntoine Amarilli2+26-28
2019-08-10 23:12fix handling of single-syllable words at endAntoine Amarilli2+94-13
2019-08-10 22:06tests for hiatusAntoine Amarilli1+31-0
2019-08-10 22:02-TODO, add explanationAntoine Amarilli2+1-3
2019-08-10 21:45typoAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2019-08-10 21:29hiatus with "et" is forbiddenAntoine Amarilli2+17-6
2019-08-10 21:21update documentation about hiatusAntoine Amarilli1+6-2
2019-08-10 21:19non-aspirated h does not prevent hiatusAntoine Amarilli1+5-8
2019-08-10 21:14refactoringAntoine Amarilli2+10-4
2019-08-10 21:09use original word when looking up elisionAntoine Amarilli1+5-5
2019-04-18 16:11gitignoreAntoine Amarilli1+0-1
2019-04-18 14:48getting started guideAntoine Amarilli1+68-8
2019-04-18 13:16retrain diaeresis; TODOAntoine Amarilli3+100-1
2019-04-18 09:36update scripts to newest lexiqueAntoine Amarilli2+4-4
2018-05-11 17:06Merge branch 'master' of Amarilli2+2-2
2018-05-05 21:53todoAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2018-01-22 22:24add tentative exclusion of empty chunksAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2018-01-22 22:00more robust parsing of accept-languageAntoine Amarilli1+15-3
2018-01-22 21:27fix crash on lone dashesAntoine Amarilli2+7-0
2018-01-22 21:27rename duplicate classAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2017-09-22 22:35fix broken sentenceAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2017-09-10 15:51remove TODOAntoine Amarilli1+0-2
2017-09-10 15:51make "ue" ambiguousAntoine Amarilli2+1-3
2017-09-10 15:45fix "concluera", "excluera"Antoine Amarilli4+11-4
2017-09-10 15:33remove outdated TODOAntoine Amarilli1+0-2
2017-09-10 15:30only allow hemistiches on elision when elidingAntoine Amarilli5+28-15
2017-08-16 23:10elide inside words also for unaspirated hAntoine Amarilli3+22-3
2017-08-16 23:10point out problemAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2017-08-16 22:53hack to fix bug with "-aï" rhyme endingsAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2017-08-16 22:46add a failing test (not actually tested yet)Antoine Amarilli1+2-0
2017-08-16 22:44file TODOAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2017-08-16 22:22better error handlingAntoine Amarilli1+37-12
2017-08-16 22:07avoid buffering when redirecting plint_web output to fileAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2017-03-29 22:27Merge branch 'master' of Amarilli4+1170-9
2017-03-29 22:27diaeresisAntoine Amarilli2+14-2
2016-08-02 07:50Merge branch 'master' of Amarilli4+25-2
2016-08-02 07:49add RmAccents testAntoine Amarilli1+7-0
2016-08-02 07:49TODOAntoine Amarilli1+10-0
2016-04-05 18:51do not choke on ill-formed global optionsAntoine Amarilli1+5-1
2016-04-05 18:51update French translationAntoine Amarilli1+33-21
2016-04-05 18:49better usageAntoine Amarilli1+4-1
2016-04-05 18:38fix directory traversal security errorAntoine Amarilli1+2-1
2016-04-05 18:35-useless lineAntoine Amarilli1+0-1
2016-02-13 15:04do not strip httpsAntoine Amarilli1+12-0
2016-02-13 11:24use ipv6Antoine Amarilli1+1-1
2016-02-01 21:06use httpsAntoine Amarilli2+16-16
2016-01-20 10:26more visible privacyAntoine Amarilli1+17-17
2016-01-20 10:23more anchors, more about ambiguousAntoine Amarilli1+35-27
2015-09-06 21:49already fixed problemsAntoine Amarilli1+0-3
2015-09-06 21:35update todoAntoine Amarilli1+11-21
2015-09-06 21:26improve disjunction/elision handlingAntoine Amarilli2+81-7
2015-09-06 20:28make executableAntoine Amarilli2+1-1
2015-09-06 20:28sure_fem in single syllable still fem if vowel precedesAntoine Amarilli2+15-0
2015-09-02 22:56fix chrome and other weirdnessesAntoine Amarilli3+76-17
2015-09-02 22:13fix interface for mobileAntoine Amarilli4+218-39
2015-09-02 20:49start mobile interfaceAntoine Amarilli2+1-0
2015-09-02 20:47related workAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2015-09-02 20:47additionsAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2015-03-08 17:48gitorious closes, update URLsAntoine Amarilli2+12-12
2015-02-07 16:52upper boundAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2015-01-25 17:24additions_occurrencesAntoine Amarilli2+4-1
2014-12-26 18:27gitignoreAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2014-12-26 18:27Merge branch 'master' of Amarilli4+9-3
2014-12-17 10:38+aérogareAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2014-10-21 06:02+additionsAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2014-08-15 13:33min-height for #poemAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2014-08-10 22:07Merge branch 'master' of Amarilli12+86-20
2014-08-10 21:57fix indentation and typoAntoine Amarilli1+4-4
2014-08-02 15:57alt text (make it valid)Antoine Amarilli1+6-1
2014-08-01 08:56add naive throttling and more loggingAntoine Amarilli2+29-11
2014-08-01 08:45disable #check while validatingAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2014-07-27 19:19remove unused cssAntoine Amarilli2+60-190
2014-07-27 16:32fix debug printing for web frontendAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2014-07-27 16:29fix irc and web frontends for diaeresis initAntoine Amarilli2+5-0
2014-07-27 16:27give up on poor_adverb_ok, no disambiguating suffixAntoine Amarilli3+0-5
2014-07-27 16:18disallow poor rhymes which are also poor pour l'œilAntoine Amarilli7+117-24
2014-07-27 15:08more exceptionsAntoine Amarilli3+7-2
2014-07-27 13:18extract length from littreAntoine Amarilli5+115-0
2014-07-27 13:16elision inside words ("porte-avion")Antoine Amarilli2+11-0
2014-07-27 12:57abbayeAntoine Amarilli1+22-7
2014-07-27 12:57load diaeresis to repair versetestAntoine Amarilli1+8-0
2014-07-27 12:06fix crash on "quinqu-"Antoine Amarilli1+12-3
2014-07-27 10:27final 'Y' can cause hiatusAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2014-07-27 10:22fix "yole"Antoine Amarilli2+1-2
2014-07-27 09:40diaeresis_cyrano fileAntoine Amarilli5+21-3
2014-07-27 09:40train diaeresis file by nameAntoine Amarilli2+6-8
2014-07-27 09:39use custom diaeresis fileAntoine Amarilli2+26-9
2014-07-27 09:12fix bug with hemistiche and splithyphAntoine Amarilli1+23-12
2014-07-27 00:18Merge branch 'master' of Amarilli6+56-7
2014-07-27 00:18more doc about training diaeresisAntoine Amarilli1+3-2
2014-07-26 23:05mention in READMEAntoine Amarilli1+3-2
2014-07-26 23:01Merge branch 'master' of Amarilli11+484-195
2014-07-26 14:48better cherrypy install descriptionAntoine Amarilli1+2-2
2014-07-26 14:48attribution for testAntoine Amarilli1+3-2
2014-07-26 14:26add missng tests andromaque and mithridateAntoine Amarilli2+3731-0
2014-07-26 14:05TODO, additionsAntoine Amarilli2+14-0
2014-05-13 08:33TODOAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2014-03-05 00:24privacyAntoine Amarilli3+28-10
2014-03-05 00:12diaeresisAntoine Amarilli2+2-2
2014-03-05 00:12additionsAntoine Amarilli1+5-1
2014-02-01 12:42add diaeresis training systemAntoine Amarilli11+4988-2
2014-02-01 12:23change feminineAntoine Amarilli1+5-6
2014-02-01 12:23avoid crash for unknown phonAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2014-02-01 12:23change align2str callAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2014-02-01 12:22configurable thresholdAntoine Amarilli2+9-4
2014-02-01 12:22dioïde, etc.Antoine Amarilli1+4-0
2014-02-01 12:21TODOAntoine Amarilli1+4-1
2014-02-01 12:21new diaeresisAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2014-02-01 12:20lots of additionsAntoine Amarilli1+79-1
2014-01-11 10:27fix bug with error reporting without parseAntoine Amarilli2+3-1
2014-01-05 13:52fix apostrophes againAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2014-01-05 13:42fix problem with apostrophes and rhymeAntoine Amarilli2+8-5
2014-01-05 01:52fix problem with hyphen between vowelsAntoine Amarilli1+3-2
2013-12-26 16:57default argsAntoine Amarilli1+16-9
2013-12-26 16:53fixesAntoine Amarilli1+8-3
2013-12-25 22:27fix some errorsAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2013-12-21 00:52fixesAntoine Amarilli2+2-1
2013-12-20 23:41move diaeresis import to the required function onlyAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-12-20 22:27Merge branch 'master' of Amarilli2+16-13
2013-12-20 19:17move separate functions out of VerseAntoine Amarilli1+37-37
2013-12-20 19:12Merge branch 'master' of Amarilli17+461-253
2013-10-23 21:30fix for ĝAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-10-23 21:24tip about forbidden_okAntoine Amarilli1+10-6
2013-10-23 08:11fix bug with "joues" at EOL (credit: Pablo Rauzy)Antoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-10-23 08:08+additionsAntoine Amarilli1+6-0
2013-10-15 21:23fix old cgit urlsAntoine Amarilli1+4-4
2013-09-21 09:08fix problem with apostrophes followed by spacesAntoine Amarilli2+17-3
2013-09-21 09:06word occurrences with hyphensAntoine Amarilli1+2-1
2013-09-20 13:14only elide "-ées" at verse ending, not e.g. "réel"Antoine Amarilli1+4-1
2013-09-20 12:49READMEAntoine Amarilli1+2-1
2013-09-20 12:49+TODOAntoine Amarilli1+5-0
2013-06-20 10:57fix html validation issuesAntoine Amarilli1+3-2
2013-06-19 11:42validation fixesAntoine Amarilli1+2-2
2013-05-08 23:26fix quotesAntoine Amarilli2+12-10
2013-05-08 23:24fix ErrorMultipleWordOccurrenceAntoine Amarilli1+1-4
2013-05-08 22:20fix routesAntoine Amarilli1+4-4
2013-05-08 22:18add more routes to fix dead linksAntoine Amarilli1+8-0
2013-04-11 07:49defensive programmingAntoine Amarilli2+34-23
2013-04-11 07:45fix empty template handlingAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-03-22 14:38TODOAntoine Amarilli1+0-4
2013-03-22 14:37.gitignoreAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2013-03-22 14:35total syllabe range (thanks, p4bl0)Antoine Amarilli1+12-0
2013-03-22 14:34a syllabe range should be separated by '-'Antoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-03-06 22:23fix obvious glitch on overflowed templatesAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-02-20 18:05Exception for "alcoyle"Antoine Amarilli1+7-3
2013-02-18 22:56fix "muent", "puent"Antoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-02-18 22:37TODOAntoine Amarilli1+1-2
2013-02-18 22:36Fix "mentions"Antoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-02-18 22:25Fix ridiculous error when checking genresAntoine Amarilli1+5-6
2013-02-18 22:17Fix gender alternance in templatesAntoine Amarilli4+24-24
2013-02-18 21:35new diaeresis file fixing "notions" and "centurion"Antoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-02-18 21:29fix bug in contextsAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-02-18 20:35fix bugs in contextsAntoine Amarilli2+3-2
2013-02-18 18:26Merge branch 'provenance'Antoine Amarilli22+826-713
2013-02-17 20:12fix links to templates in english localeAntoine Amarilli1+7-1
2013-01-30 22:47+.gitignoreAntoine Amarilli1+17-0
2013-01-30 22:39Fix links to example tpl filesAntoine Amarilli1+7-1
2013-01-30 22:35Document hiatus_okAntoine Amarilli1+6-0
2013-01-30 22:22typoAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-01-30 22:20localizationAntoine Amarilli3+69-25
2013-01-30 22:13Report template errors with plint.pyAntoine Amarilli1+8-2
2013-01-30 22:11Better error reportingAntoine Amarilli4+21-9
2013-01-30 22:10Fix bug with incomplete_okAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-01-30 21:57Support for last in plint_web.pyAntoine Amarilli1+6-1
2013-01-30 21:56Don't report incompleteness in case of overflowsAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-01-30 21:52Add repeat_ok and incomplete_ok optionsAntoine Amarilli8+68-10
2013-01-29 23:07TODOAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2013-01-29 22:43+nbspAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-01-29 22:18+resetAntoine Amarilli2+5-0
2013-01-29 22:18TODOAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2013-01-29 22:09print poem for debugAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2013-01-29 22:07fix bugAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2013-01-29 22:06try to make it look less uglyAntoine Amarilli2+51-48
2013-01-29 21:49more sonnet typesAntoine Amarilli6+104-26
2013-01-26 20:59Fix crash when no parsing options were foundAntoine Amarilli1+3-3
2012-12-26 10:28remove weird dashesAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2012-12-26 10:24baudelaire => au_lecteur to avoid confusionAntoine Amarilli4+54-54
2012-12-26 10:06+dependency on python3 and unzipAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2012-12-26 10:06TODOAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2012-12-26 09:42add missing test files, improve READMEAntoine Amarilli6+7459-5
2012-12-26 09:37TODOAntoine Amarilli1+10-0
2012-12-15 23:02always read '...' even when no errorsAntoine Amarilli1+2-2
2012-12-15 23:01Merge ulminfo:poetlintAntoine Amarilli1+14-5
2012-12-15 23:00Merge ulminfo:poetlintAntoine Amarilli1+8-2
2012-12-08 21:35initialize localization earlier to avoid issuesAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-12-08 21:35fix bug disabling rhyme check when disabling classical rulesAntoine Amarilli1+3-2
2012-12-08 21:34add support for single-syllable words at end of verseAntoine Amarilli1+8-0
2012-12-08 21:34fixes for weird casesAntoine Amarilli2+10-3
2012-12-08 16:56fix bug in option parsingAntoine Amarilli1+2-2
2012-11-23 14:37indicate what it doesAntoine Amarilli2+16-4
2012-11-02 09:08use a better choice of vowels for acronymsAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-10-04 13:57Fix off-by-one.Antoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-09-29 16:46add other missing fileAntoine Amarilli1+38-0
2012-09-29 16:45add missing fileAntoine Amarilli2+9-1
2012-09-09 23:07no need to generate haspirater.jsonAntoine Amarilli1+1-2
2012-09-09 23:03clearer install infoAntoine Amarilli1+7-4
2012-07-15 13:58fix markup and layout of result pageAntoine Amarilli3+4-3
2012-07-15 13:58localize template languageAntoine Amarilli1+12-10
2012-07-15 13:32fix localization problemAntoine Amarilli2+19-14
2012-07-15 13:28indicate required packageAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-07-15 13:25improve reportingAntoine Amarilli2+22-21
2012-07-15 13:17make translation work for web and ircAntoine Amarilli4+28-20
2012-07-15 13:16fix translationAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-07-15 13:02add note about cherrypyAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2012-07-15 12:49adding localesAntoine Amarilli3+93-0
2012-07-15 12:07start localizationAntoine Amarilli2+36-16
2012-07-15 12:03related workAntoine Amarilli1+5-0
2012-07-15 12:02cleanupAntoine Amarilli2+4-3
2012-07-12 22:28add support for "…" to plint_irc.pyAntoine Amarilli1+3-2
2012-07-10 20:50TODOAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2012-07-10 20:34require /me plintAntoine Amarilli2+2-2
2012-07-10 20:23fix variable capture bugAntoine Amarilli1+3-3
2012-07-10 20:18disable hiatus checking in alexandrin.tplAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-07-10 20:10add support for offsetAntoine Amarilli1+13-2
2012-07-10 20:08TODOAntoine Amarilli1+13-5
2012-07-10 20:07make ErrorBadCharacters actually workAntoine Amarilli3+17-16
2012-07-10 19:58add hiatus, improve forbidden reportingAntoine Amarilli3+35-12
2012-07-10 19:24reset occurrences environment when using backAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2012-07-10 19:24cleanupAntoine Amarilli1+2-2
2012-07-06 23:58explanation about the irc interfaceAntoine Amarilli1+9-0
2012-07-06 23:56remove old docAntoine Amarilli1+0-52
2012-07-06 23:35add check_occurrencesAntoine Amarilli1+13-9
2012-07-06 23:32add check_end_hemisticheAntoine Amarilli2+14-8
2012-07-06 23:31TODOAntoine Amarilli1+2-1
2012-07-05 12:46todoAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2012-06-10 23:18no need to tweak the rhyme when it is not checked...Antoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-06-10 18:19higher limitsAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-06-10 18:18more helpful error messageAntoine Amarilli1+4-2
2012-06-10 18:13fix previous fixAntoine Amarilli1+3-3
2012-06-10 18:11fix crash in web interface when reporting some errorsAntoine Amarilli1+3-3
2012-06-10 18:06update TODOAntoine Amarilli1+3-7
2012-06-10 18:05better tolerance mechanism, add ai/éAntoine Amarilli1+9-12
2012-06-10 18:05slightly better reporting of rhyme errorsAntoine Amarilli1+4-3
2012-06-10 17:36quick documentation updateAntoine Amarilli1+94-52
2012-06-10 17:26no classical rhymes for alexandrin.tplAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-06-10 17:14better READMEAntoine Amarilli1+3-2
2012-06-10 17:12add a pointer to HTML doc in READMEAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2012-06-10 17:08update TODO, add useful fileAntoine Amarilli2+7-4
2012-06-10 17:05commit testing scriptAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2012-06-10 17:03add diaeresis for andromaqueAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-06-10 16:48update diaeresis with mithridateAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-06-10 16:46fix: -i and -ï are acceptable eye rhymesAntoine Amarilli1+11-1
2012-06-10 16:40Merge branch 'dierese'Antoine Amarilli7+148-18
2012-06-10 16:22update TODOAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2012-06-07 16:47add TODOsAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2012-05-22 15:44one TODO item doneAntoine Amarilli1+0-1
2012-05-19 18:19forbidden hemistiche wordsAntoine Amarilli1+11-0
2012-05-19 18:19keep apstrophies, simplifies codeAntoine Amarilli1+4-7
2012-05-18 19:01Merge branch 'classical'Antoine Amarilli9+212-75
2012-05-01 22:10oops, forgot fileAntoine Amarilli1+24-0
2012-04-30 16:26limit the number of occurrences of words in rhymesAntoine Amarilli7+51-7
2012-04-30 15:40handle siglesAntoine Amarilli2+12-7
2012-04-30 10:55specific handling of rimes normandesAntoine Amarilli2+9-0
2012-04-29 20:12update help about separate lettersAntoine Amarilli1+1-6
2012-04-29 20:07improve about pageAntoine Amarilli1+46-47
2012-04-27 17:41whitespaceAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-04-27 17:25update todoAntoine Amarilli1+1-4
2012-04-27 17:25fix bug in end of verse elisionAntoine Amarilli1+3-3
2012-04-27 17:23check that all characters are knownAntoine Amarilli4+22-6
2012-04-27 17:12vowel exceptionAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-04-27 17:12accept hyphen at hemisticheAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-04-27 16:32return valueAntoine Amarilli1+5-1
2012-04-27 16:08update TODO, reorder filesAntoine Amarilli6+28-15
2012-04-27 16:08handle lone words, lone letters, elision exceptionsAntoine Amarilli1+45-2
2012-04-27 16:07other weird vowel chunk exception to make boileau happyAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-04-27 16:06handle weird apostrophes and space after apostrophesAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2012-04-27 13:33Merge alpha:git/plintAntoine Amarilli2+7-5
2012-04-27 13:33canonical urlAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-04-09 09:22remove digits to prevent lags in rhymeAntoine Amarilli1+3-1
2012-04-07 14:47actually it works quite well nowAntoine Amarilli1+0-2
2012-03-20 00:28don't crash on missing Accept-LanguageAntoine Amarilli1+4-1
2012-03-20 00:27forgot ëAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-15 02:29fix language handlingAntoine Amarilli1+25-6
2012-03-15 02:28reword french about introAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-15 01:55reword french about introAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-15 01:53reword french about introAntoine Amarilli1+3-3
2012-03-15 01:45typoAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-15 01:27add link to lintAntoine Amarilli1+7-4
2012-03-15 01:23fix typoAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-15 01:20fix badrhymesound errorsAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-15 01:06fix bug in sonnet.tpl, thx p4bl0Antoine Amarilli1+4-4
2012-03-14 23:12fix plint_irc.pyAntoine Amarilli1+2-1
2012-03-14 23:04finish READMEAntoine Amarilli1+15-5
2012-03-14 23:03fix plint.pyAntoine Amarilli1+13-11
2012-03-14 22:43use cherrypyAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-14 22:30use labelsAntoine Amarilli2+16-15
2012-03-14 22:24custom templatesAntoine Amarilli3+21-11
2012-03-14 22:19more helpAntoine Amarilli1+143-30
2012-03-14 18:41continue to improve the frontend and helpAntoine Amarilli4+137-24
2012-03-14 18:41move templatesAntoine Amarilli6+23-23
2012-03-14 18:06correct agreementAntoine Amarilli1+4-2
2012-03-14 18:04valid or invalid in page titleAntoine Amarilli2+4-1
2012-03-14 14:13fix textarea widthAntoine Amarilli1+1-0
2012-03-14 12:05improve main formAntoine Amarilli2+54-25
2012-03-14 12:05TODOAntoine Amarilli1+2-0
2012-03-14 12:05fix sonnetAntoine Amarilli1+8-8
2012-03-14 11:40improve cssAntoine Amarilli1+3-1
2012-03-14 11:39cleanup cssAntoine Amarilli1+0-5
2012-03-14 11:36serve with the bottle dev server since nothing else seems to work...Antoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-14 11:36fix cssAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-14 02:37better descriptionAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-14 02:14add README and licensing informationAntoine Amarilli3+732-0
2012-03-14 01:46update TODOAntoine Amarilli1+4-9
2012-03-14 01:46open file for each appendAntoine Amarilli1+5-5
2012-03-14 01:46fix headersAntoine Amarilli1+1-2
2012-03-14 01:43cleanup cssAntoine Amarilli1+3-63
2012-03-14 01:40better error reportingAntoine Amarilli1+49-16
2012-03-14 01:40remove useless includes, renameAntoine Amarilli2+26-29
2012-03-14 01:39more explicit symbol for cut hemisticheAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-14 01:39elide e with backtick to avoid ambiguity in alignAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-14 01:39avoid conflict with printAntoine Amarilli1+3-2
2012-03-14 01:39bugfixAntoine Amarilli1+6-3
2012-03-14 01:38add web frontendAntoine Amarilli11+3611-0
2012-03-13 15:08remove TODOsAntoine Amarilli2+5-5
2012-03-13 15:06cleanupAntoine Amarilli2+21-20
2012-03-13 15:00move html generation stuff in a subdirectoryAntoine Amarilli11+244-127
2012-03-13 15:00add and renameAntoine Amarilli3+124-113
2012-03-13 14:53use refactoringAntoine Amarilli3+22-25
2012-03-13 14:53fix bug in rhymeAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2012-03-13 14:35refactor rhymeAntoine Amarilli1+70-56
2012-03-13 14:17cleanup of rhymeAntoine Amarilli2+129-0
2012-03-13 13:55continue TODOAntoine Amarilli1+4-1
2012-03-13 13:55improve boilintAntoine Amarilli1+15-3
2012-03-13 13:54cleanup and correctionsAntoine Amarilli3+62-15
2011-08-10 13:27ignore inital symbolsAntoine Amarilli2+10-10
2011-08-02 18:24remove debug code for nowAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2011-08-02 18:17fix another field problemAntoine Amarilli1+2-2
2011-08-02 18:11add all the html generation codeAntoine Amarilli4+75-0
2011-08-02 18:09fix field counting woesAntoine Amarilli1+4-4
2011-08-02 18:02make it rightAntoine Amarilli1+60-51
2011-08-02 17:35keep calls until a correct verse is acceptedAntoine Amarilli1+0-2
2011-08-02 17:22fix handling of /me during callsAntoine Amarilli1+5-2
2011-08-02 17:17add callsAntoine Amarilli1+25-2
2011-08-02 17:17correctly reset environment in backAntoine Amarilli1+5-4
2011-08-02 17:17TODOAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2011-08-01 06:13woops, feminine detection was offAntoine Amarilli1+5-2
2011-07-31 20:28add code for the irc channel botAntoine Amarilli1+66-0
2011-07-31 20:28fixes and stuffAntoine Amarilli4+56-27
2011-07-31 20:27add TODOAntoine Amarilli1+9-0
2011-07-11 02:57add tentative specificationAntoine Amarilli1+52-0
2011-07-11 02:44revert previous order after all, it makes more senseAntoine Amarilli6+21-21
2011-07-11 02:40change rhyme specification formatAntoine Amarilli5+34-28
2011-07-11 02:16add templatesAntoine Amarilli5+17-0
2011-07-11 02:14add TODOAntoine Amarilli1+3-0
2011-07-11 02:13cleanup and commentAntoine Amarilli1+23-8
2011-07-11 02:05refactoringAntoine Amarilli4+274-263
2011-07-11 01:53remove old codeAntoine Amarilli1+0-6
2011-07-11 01:53remove old codeAntoine Amarilli1+0-28
2011-07-11 01:53refactoringAntoine Amarilli2+113-112
2011-07-11 01:50cleanup, refactoring...Antoine Amarilli3+78-59
2011-07-11 01:40more cleanupAntoine Amarilli1+30-35
2011-07-10 23:34reporting now worksAntoine Amarilli1+74-29
2011-07-10 22:37report errorsAntoine Amarilli1+12-4
2011-06-25 16:12refactoringAntoine Amarilli3+95-90
2011-06-25 07:18all boileau without errorAntoine Amarilli1+427-132
2011-05-29 20:48works well for boileauAntoine Amarilli1+62-29
2011-05-29 05:26woawAntoine Amarilli1+190-0