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Antoine Amarilli



Antoine Amarilli [ɑ̃.twan.a.ma.ʁi.li]. Handle: a3nm.


Born 1990-02-07. French national. Appearance as of 2012.


OpenPGP key 0xD4330331. OpenID http://a3nm.net/openid.


Email and XMPP .


PhD candidate on Uncertainty over Structured and Intensional Data in the DBWeb team of the LTCI lab at Télécom ParisTech, under the supervision of Pierre Senellart (until 2016-08-31). [midterm report and slides]


Master parisien de recherche en informatique (awarded September 2012) taken at the fifth year of tertiary education and delivered by the École normale supérieure.





  1. Blogging: a3nm.net/blog
  2. Git: a3nm.net/git
  3. Website: a3nm.net




See my teaching page.


Online presence





Advances in Holistic Ontology Alignment
Report for my internship with Pierre Senellart about holistic ontology alignment.
This is the report for a Scheme polymorphic application toolkit which produces, from any function, a function with the same values but which additionally provides an equivalent rewritten version of itself on standard output. You can also grab the sources. A collaboration with Pablo Rauzy. For the course by David Naccache.
Presentation about CSSV
Slides to present the article by Nurit Dor, Michael Rodeh and Mooly Sagiv: CSSV: Towards a Realistic Tool for Statically Detecting All Buffer Overflows in C. Homework for Patrick Cousot's class.


Connect to an IRC server, write messages on stdout, say what is given on stdin. Useful to write bots. C program, using libircclient. See the README file or the blogpost. GPLv3 licensed.
A French poetry validator for metric, rhyme and rhyme gender. You can also get the code. GPLv3 licensed.
A French rhyme dictionary. You can also get the code and have a look at the README. GPLv3 licensed.
A system to find out whether the initial 'h' in a French word is aspirated or not. Can be used as a standalone program or an a Python module. No big dictionary of exceptions, but rules learned from a corpus and stored as a trie: compact, fast, and reasonable for unseen words. See the README file or the blogpost. MIT licensed.
A tool to split natural language text in chunks at reasonable language boundaries. The program takes as argument a maximal size for chunks, reads stdin and produces chunks smaller than the maximal size on stdout. Not NLP research but the obvious heuristics (paragraphs, then sentences, then words, with some refinements). Someone had to write this. See the README file. MIT licensed.
A system to infer the last few phonemes of a French word. Not very clever.

Humor attempts

The Password Security Checker
Check the strength of your passwords!
A new powerful axiomatic system.
Brain Transplant
A new medical procedure.
Door Safety Instructions
See the club Inutile website for more information.


Weird legalese
A few weird things found in what we always accept and never read.

In French

Presentation on disconnection proofs
Report and slides to present the article Disconnection proofs for motion planning. For the course by Jean-Paul Laumond.
Presentation on the concurrency of innocence
Slides to present the category theory article Asynchronous games 2: The true concurrency of innocence. For the course by Paul-André Melliès.
Internship about modular attribute grammars
Reports and slides for my internship with Éric Badouel about modular attribute grammars.
Presentation about the equivalence between monadic second-order logic and automata
Report and slides to present and summarize the formal language theory results which show that first-order and monadic second-order logic can respectively define the star-free languages and the regular languages. For the course by Olivier Carton.
Source code and report for a program to draw the OpenPGP trust network.
Notes on electrical networks
Useful for students in French "classes préparatoires". See also more resources for "classes préparatoires" students.
The beauty of disorder
A five-hour "dissertation" for the "Concours général de philosophie". Was awarded a "premier accessit".
Various poems, not to be taken seriously.
Futurs simples
Old vaguely philosophical science-fiction short story collection.
Competitive exam report report
A report about competitive exam reports. "Classes préparatoires" students may find it funny.
French defective verbs
Extended conjugation tables for French defective verbs