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While I need to +do it professionally, I don't mean to imply that this is a good idea. It is +probably a better idea to write a high-level understandable summary of your +research. For more about what I think of the academic system, see: + + +## Input files + +The system generates French and English output. + +The following files are the input to the system. As a general principle, they +consist of a list of records (each of which is a paragraph), and every record +consist of key-value pairs separated by ':'. For many keys, a localized version +exists to give the same info in French, e.g., "Location" contains the English +name of a location, and "LocationFr" contains the French name. + +- authors: list of authors, with an id, name, website URL (using academic + websites if they exist, otherwise some choice of a DBLP page or a Wayback + machine copy of a former academic website) + +- venues: list of conferences and journals, with an id (the name is inferred + automatically from the id), optional name, type (conference, journal, + workshop, school), publisher, open-access or not, location, URL, audience + (national or international) + +- reviews: list of places I reviewed, with the role (pc, spc for senior pc, + pc_demos for being a PC member for demos, misc for having done misc reviews) + +- talks: ordered list of talks I gave (latest first), with a title, date, venue + (can be a conference ID or seminar name), optional link to a poster, optional + location, optional place, URLs of the venue, place, misc to add some + annotation, and a dirty system with the "$TEAM" placeholder to indicate a team + and URL for a team, etc. + +- publis: ordered list of my publications (latest first), with an id (bibtex + key), oldid (used for a space-separated list of former ids of the paper, to + avoid breaking anchors), a title, a space-separated list of authors, an + optional venue, an indication of if the paper was reviewed or not, is a "main" + paper or not (controls whether it goes, e.g., in the résumé), should be hidden + from the résumé or not (key "hidecv"), a type (demo, shortpaper, etc.), + possible links to slides, posters, videos, code, possible information about + the authors of this extra material, option to indicate the existence of errata + (will generate special links to the errata) + +My own files are versioned together with the code, of course if you adapt it you +will want to run the code on your own files. + +## Invocation + +Run: ./ + +This will run the various python scripts, and run a LaTeX compilation for the +PDF publication lists + +## Generated files + +- main.bib: bibtex file containing all publications, featuring keywords used for + filtering in the publication lists, and featuring hyperlinks to papers, + authors, venues + +- publis_fr.txt and publis_en.txt: plain text publication listing + +- publist_en.pdf and publist_fr.pdf: CNRS-style publication lists, with papers + ordered by types, then by date, with global numbering + +- publis_all.html.en and HTML+Markdown snippets with + publications listed chronologically and grouped by year + +- publis_main.html.en and the same but only for the main + publications and without the year headings + +- reviews.tex: a LaTeX snippet for a CV indicating the reviews (only listing + open-access venues) + +- reviews_en.html and reviews_fr.html: an HTML snippet for the same purpose + +- selectpubli_en.tex: a LaTeX snippet for a CV indicating the main publications