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      1 # Publist -- managing my list of publications, talks, reviews
      3 This is what I use as an academic to maintain my list of publications, talks,
      4 reviews.
      6 This is (C) Antoine Amarilli and BSD-licensed, see LICENSE
      8 Warning: This is extremely dirty code written for my personal use and only
      9 shared in case it's useful to someone, please do not judge me too harshly for
     10 it.
     12 Warning: This documentation was written to give a minimal idea of what the
     13 system does, but will probably not be kept up-to-date.
     15 Warning: The idea of maintaining publication lists, etc., is a conservative idea
     16 that means you are playing by the rules of the academic system. While I need to
     17 do it professionally, I don't mean to imply that this is a good idea. It is
     18 probably a better idea to write a high-level understandable summary of your
     19 research. For more about what I think of the academic system, see:
     22 ## Input files
     24 The system generates French and English output.
     26 The following files are the input to the system. As a general principle, they
     27 consist of a list of records (each of which is a paragraph), and every record
     28 consist of key-value pairs separated by ':'. For many keys, a localized version
     29 exists to give the same info in French, e.g., "Location" contains the English
     30 name of a location, and "LocationFr" contains the French name.
     32 - authors: list of authors, with an id, name, website URL (using academic
     33   websites if they exist, otherwise some choice of a DBLP page or a Wayback
     34   machine copy of a former academic website)
     36 - venues: list of conferences and journals, with an id (the name is inferred
     37   automatically from the id), optional name, type (conference, journal,
     38   workshop, school), publisher, open-access or not, location, URL, audience
     39   (national or international)
     41 - reviews: list of places I reviewed, with the role (pc, spc for senior pc,
     42   pc_demos for being a PC member for demos, misc for having done misc reviews)
     44 - talks: ordered list of talks I gave (latest first), with a title, date, venue
     45   (can be a conference ID or seminar name), optional link to a poster, optional
     46   location, optional place, URLs of the venue, place, misc to add some
     47   annotation, and a dirty system with the "$TEAM" placeholder to indicate a team
     48   and URL for a team, etc.
     50 - publis: ordered list of my publications (latest first), with an id (bibtex
     51   key), oldid (used for a space-separated list of former ids of the paper, to
     52   avoid breaking anchors), a title, a space-separated list of authors, an
     53   optional venue, an indication of if the paper was reviewed or not, is a "main"
     54   paper or not (controls whether it goes, e.g., in the résumé), should be hidden
     55   from the résumé or not (key "hidecv" or "oldcv"), a type (demo, shortpaper,
     56   etc.), possible links to slides, posters, videos, code, possible information
     57   about the authors of this extra material, option to indicate the existence of
     58   errata (will generate special links to the errata)
     60 My own files are versioned together with the code, of course if you adapt it you
     61 will want to run the code on your own files.
     63 ## Other files
     65 These files are not used yet:
     67 - interviews: list of interviews given
     68 - others: list of other kinds of service
     70 ## Invocation
     72 Run: ./
     74 This will run the various python scripts, and run a LaTeX compilation for the
     75 PDF publication lists
     77 ## Generated files
     79 - main.bib: bibtex file containing all publications, featuring keywords used for
     80   filtering in the publication lists, and featuring hyperlinks to papers,
     81   authors, venues
     83 - publis_fr.txt and publis_en.txt: plain text publication listing
     85 - publist_en.pdf and publist_fr.pdf: CNRS-style accepted publication lists, with papers
     86   ordered by types, then by date, with global numbering
     88 - publis_all.html.en and HTML+Markdown snippets with
     89   accepted publications listed chronologically and grouped by year
     91 - publis_main.html.en and the same but only for the main
     92   publications and without the year headings (but also including publications
     93   not yet accepted)
     95 - reviews.tex: a LaTeX snippet for a CV indicating the reviews (only listing
     96   open-access venues)
     98 - reviews_en.html and reviews_fr.html: an HTML snippet for the same purpose
    100 - selectpubli_en.tex: a LaTeX snippet for a CV indicating the main publications
    102 - talks_all.html.en and a HTML+Markdown snippet with the
    103   past talks, listed chronologically and grouped by year
    105 - talks_last.html.en and the same but only for the latest
    106   talks (and also including upcoming talks)