bigworldcompute diameter of flights graph5 months
continuitycurses game inspired by continuitygame.com6 years
crookscombinatorial rooks3 years
debdumeasure debian package disk space usage5 months
decontaminationgraph decontamination problem2 years
drimeFrench rhyme dictionary with web and CLI interface16 months
duirefrench missing verbs with prefix forms20 months
ens-ulm-1google hashcode 2014 source for team ens-ulm-12 years
ens-ulm-1-2015google hashcode 2015 source for team ens-ulm-12 years
frhymeguess the last phonemes of a French word2 years
fusetoysvarious hacky fuse filesystem utilities5 months
gcd_differencebruteforce for months
glocatefaster locate using grep19 months
haspiraterdetect aspirated 'h' in French words16 months
hebraizerewrite terminal contents in hebrew5 months
irctklibircclient IRC wrapper: connect to an IRC server, posts what it receives from ...19 months
ircyranoreenact cyrano de bergerac on an IRC server10 months
kesterel2lustrecompile Kernel Esterel to Lustre5 years
mkpdfebookcrop pages of a pdf for an ebook reader5 months
multinomialcompute graph of multinomial configurations6 months
mybinmy ~/bin5 weeks
myconfigmy config files5 hours
nlsplitsplit natural language text in chunks at reasonable language boundaries5 years
passpigssimple pass the pigs strategy5 months
pdfstampadd a stamp to temporary pdf articles5 months
plintFrench poetry validator8 weeks
rdupesrecursively search for duplicate files5 months
replytimeplot email reply time5 months
republiquehelper scripts for www.republique-numerique.fr19 months
selectshell binding for select(2)5 months
snipebot for a simple IRC game to make people say words6 years
songleashgenerate chansons en laisse21 months
squelettefind exceptional genders for a noun ending21 months
ttyrexttyrec with more options5 months
ubacsearch for weird ngrams19 months
wikifircfilter on specific pages and users6 months