I am currently looking for students to work with me on theoretical computer science and database theory problems. This page lists specific topics. If you would be interested in working with me on other topics closed to my research areas, don't hesitate to get in touch: a3nm<REMOVETHIS>@a3nm.net

Enumerating Regular Language Matches on Dynamic Data

This proposal is about enumeration algorithms on dynamic data, to efficiently support enumeration for regular language queries (aka MSO, document spanners, automata with capture variables) when the underlying document is updated, bridging two of my recent lines of work. See the detailed proposal

This proposal will be located in the DIG team at Télécom Paris and can lead to a collaboration with Louis Jachiet, Charles Paperman, and Luc Segoufin. This internship can lead to a funded PhD thesis if successful.

Query-Directed Width Measures for Probabilistic Graph Homomorphisms

This proposal is about query evaluation on probabilistic data, and defining width measures on graphs capturing the tractable cases of that problem. See the detailed proposal.

This proposal is a co-supervision with Mikaël Monet and will be located in the Links team at Inria Lille. This internship can lead to a PhD thesis if successful.

A New Model for Constant-Delay Enumeration, and Application to Words

This proposal for a short (L3) internship is about enumeration algorithms in a new formalism where you have a buffer which you can use to build large solutions by changing the previous solution (like Gray codes). The specific goal is to study which regular languages can be enumerated in this formalism.

See the detailed proposal (in French). Please get in touch with me if you are not French-speaking and would like an English version.

Other topics?

I am open to supervising students on other topics. For more problems to work on, you can have a look at my publications (especially the conclusions of papers), or my list of open questions (but with significant caveats: many of these problems are not a good choice of target, and I would often not be the right supervisor for them; look for the ones with (*) in their title).