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update the README to the packaging etc.

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -1,9 +1,11 @@ plint -- a French poetry validator -Copyright (C) 2011-2019 by Antoine Amarilli Repository URL: +Online version: Python package name: plint -== 0. Licence == +== 0. Author and licence == + +plint is copyright (C) 2011-2019 by Antoine Amarilli This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software @@ -16,11 +18,11 @@ PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program (see file "COPYING"). If not, see <>. is a third-party file, its license is in file LICENSE_bottle. +The files in plint/test_data are public domain works used to test and train +plint. Their sources are given in the file "SOURCES". -test/boileau and test/andromaque are from Wikisource and test/baudelaire and -test/mithridate are from Project Gutenberg. Both of them are in the public -domain. +Many thanks to Julien Romero for contributing to the code and for maintaining +the PyPI package for plint and its dependencies. == 1. Features == @@ -61,28 +63,19 @@ In the directory where plint has been cloned, run: git clone git clone -3. Generate frhyme.json - -Run: - - cd frhyme - lexique/ > lexique.txt - ./ 4 lexique.txt additions > frhyme.json - cd .. - -4. Generate the occurrences file +3. Generate the occurrences file Run: ./ > data/occurrences -5. Locales +4. Locales For locale support, install gettext (Debian package: gettext) and run: make -6. Running plint +5. Running plint If you want to check a poem that consists of classical alexandrines with flat rhyme (like the file test/mithridate), write the contents of the poem to check @@ -92,7 +85,7 @@ into a file poem.txt. Then run: Plint will display the errors (if any) and exit. -7. Customizing the template +6. Customizing the template If you want to customize the template of the poem, you can look at examples on the online tool ( or files ending in ".tpl" in the diff --git a/SOURCES b/SOURCES @@ -1,24 +1,32 @@ -All files on are originally from by Paul Fièvre +This file explains the origins of the files given in plint/test_data. To my +knowledge, all of the corresponding works are in the public domain. -All files on Wikisource are the work of many individual contributors +boileau: Wikisource +andromaque: Wikisource +baudelaire: Project Gutenberg +mithridate: Project Gutenberg +racine_la_thebaide: +racine_alexandre_le_grand: +racine_les_plaideurs:,_1854) +racine_britannicus:,_1854) +racine_berenice:,_1854) +racine_bajazet:,_1854) +racine_iphigenie:,_Didot,_1854 +racine_phedre:,_Didot,_1854 +racine_esther:,_Didot,_1854 +racine_athalie:,_Didot,_1854 +corneille_place_royale: +corneille_suivante: +corneille_galerie_du_palais: +corneille_veuve: +corneille_clitandre: +corneille_melite: +corneille_medee: +corneille_oedipe: +corneille_pertharite: +corneille_illusion_comique:,_1855) + +Note that all files on are originally from by Paul Fièvre + +Note that all files on Wikisource are the work of many individual contributors -racine_la_thebaide -racine_alexandre_le_grand -racine_les_plaideurs,_1854) -racine_britannicus,_1854) -racine_berenice,_1854) -racine_bajazet,_1854) -racine_iphigenie,_Didot,_1854 -racine_phedre,_Didot,_1854 -racine_esther,_Didot,_1854 -racine_athalie,_Didot,_1854 -corneille_place_royale -corneille_suivante -corneille_galerie_du_palais -corneille_veuve -corneille_clitandre -corneille_melite -corneille_medee -corneille_oedipe -corneille_pertharite -corneille_illusion_comique,_1855)