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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -23,15 +23,25 @@ is a third-party file, its license is in file LICENSE_bottle. plint is a tool to check French poetry. Specifically, it validates metric, rhymes and rhyme genres against an unexpressive template language. It features a command-line interface, an IRC wrapper (for use with irctk) and a web interface. -It depends on haspirater and frhyme. - -TODO more +It depends on haspirater and frhyme, and the web interface requires CherryPy. == 2. Setup == -TODO +Place the haspirater.json and from haspirater in the main +directory. Place the generated frhyme.json and in the main directory. == 3. Usage == -TODO +To use the program's command-line interface, run: + + ./ TEMPLATE + +where TEMPLATE is the template file, and provide the poem on stdin. Errors are +reported on stderr. + +To run the web interface on port 5000, run CherryPy is required +(but the code is easy to adapt), see + + +An undocumented IRC interface for use with irctk is available (