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Date:   Thu, 15 Mar 2012 02:27:48 +0100

add link to lint

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diff --git a/views/about.html b/views/about.html @@ -158,8 +158,9 @@ pour les premiers phonèmes. Les derniers devraient être bons, cependant.</p> <h2>Et le nom&nbsp;?</h2> -<p>C'est "plint" comme "poem lint" (comme l'outil "lint" pour les programmes), -mais aussi pour l'homophonie avec "plainte".</p> +<p>C'est "plint" comme "poem lint" (comme l'outil "<a + href="">lint</a>" pour les +programmes), mais aussi pour l'homophonie avec "plainte".</p> {% else %} <p>Welcome to <strong>plint</strong>!</p> <h2 id="info">Wait, what is this?</h2> @@ -292,8 +293,10 @@ phonemes might be completely wrong. The last few ones should match, however.</p> <h2>What about the name?</h2> -<p>It's "plint" for "poem lint" (like the "lint" tool for programs), but also -because "plint" in French would be read like "plainte", meaning "complaint".</p> +<p>It's "plint" for "poem lint" (like the "<a + href="">lint</a>" tool for +programs), but also because "plint" in French would be read like "plainte", +meaning "complaint".</p> {% endif %} {% endblock %}