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commit d4468190fbd5030008fba0cd6ee91e280a1de3d2
parent 926b990b6e408fca730c04b9c81c04fee2a0e669
Author: Antoine Amarilli <>
Date:   Mon,  1 Sep 2014 22:02:20 +0200

fix record and sent mail handling

mutt/muttrc | 7+++----
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/mutt/muttrc b/mutt/muttrc @@ -2,7 +2,8 @@ set folder=~/Mail_inbox set spoolfile="~/Mail_inbox/inbox" -set record=~/Mail_alot/sent +# sent mail is bcc'd to me, so this is only a backup +set record="~/temp/sent_backup/" # don't save draft mail in a place that might get cleaned up unexpectedly set tmpdir="~/temp/mutt/" # speeds things up sometimes @@ -106,7 +107,7 @@ macro index,pager p "s=hand_spam<enter>" "mark as spam" macro index,pager x "s!<enter>" "save to inbox" macro index,pager E "C=useful<enter>" "copy to useful" macro index,pager I "c!<enter><limit>~(! ~D)<enter>G" "inbox" -macro index,pager S "<change-folder-readonly>~/Mail_alot/sent<enter>G" "sent mail" +macro index,pager S "<change-folder-readonly>~/temp/sent_materialized<enter>G" "sent mail" bind index,pager , next-unread-mailbox @@ -137,8 +138,6 @@ macro index z \ set postponed="=inbox" # ugly hack to resume the currently highlighted mail # may fail messily if you do not create =draft_tmp first -# save two copies to force it to be non-empty -# we resume the last one as maildir_trash means we are never empty macro index,pager R \ "<enter-command>set postponed='=draft_tmp' my_old_maildir_trash=\$maildir_trash nomaildir_trash<enter>\ s=draft_tmp<enter><recall-message><enter-command>set postponed='=inbox' maildir_trash=\$my_old_maildir_trash<enter>" \