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commit 33207f75ad3d266d640459d264e8e18bbdce7a8e
parent 0f6cf5379c24693922200826fb1a7d6a4580f93d
Author: Antoine Amarilli <>
Date:   Fri,  4 Oct 2013 00:40:53 +0200


i3/config | 15+++++++++++----
1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/i3/config b/i3/config @@ -25,14 +25,16 @@ focus_follows_mouse yes # start a terminal bindsym $mod+Return exec "urxvtcd -e ~/bin/urxvt_startup" bindsym $mod+b exec "firefox" -bindsym $mod+o exec "urxvtcd -e my-mutt" +bindsym $mod+o exec "urxvtcd -e ~/bin/my-mutt" bindsym $mod+i exec "urxvtcd -e irssi" # kill focused window bindsym $mod+Shift+c kill # start dmenu (a program launcher) -bindsym $mod+p exec dmenu_run +bindsym $mod+p exec "exe=`dmenu < ~/temp/path` && exec $exe" +bindsym $mod+shift+p exec "exe=`dmenu < ~/temp/path` && exec urxvtcd -e $exe" +bindsym $mod+Shift+w exec "wen=`dmenu < /dev/null` && exec ~/scripts/aliases/wwen $wen" # change focus bindsym $mod+h focus left @@ -101,13 +103,18 @@ bindsym $mod+Shift+parenleft move container to workspace 9 bindsym $mod+Shift+parenright move container to workspace 10 # reload the configuration file -bindsym $mod+Shift+R reload +bindsym $mod+Shift+D reload # restart i3 inplace (preserves your layout/session, can be used to upgrade i3) -bindsym $mod+Shift+P restart +bindsym $mod+Shift+R restart # exit i3 (logs you out of your X session) bindsym $mod+Shift+greater exit +<<<<<<< Updated upstream bindsym $mod+x exec ~/bin/afk +======= +bindsym $mod+x exec ~/scripts/afk +bindsym $mod+Shift+x exec ~/scripts/dodo +>>>>>>> Stashed changes # resize window (you can also use the mouse for that) mode "resize" {