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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -24,17 +24,14 @@ quickly, either in the shell or in your favourite programming language. == 2. Installation == -irctk is written using libircclient, you will need this library to compile and -run the program. The package is libircclient1 and libircclient-dev on Debian but -it is outdated as of this writing, and the latest 1.7 release of the library has -a bug which was only fixed in the svn version (revision 120). Hence, you should -get the latest library from the SVN (tested as of revision 125), compile it and -install it (this requires the package libssl-dev, and of course make, a C +You will need the libircclient library (version >= 1.8 with SSL support) to +compile and run irctk. The package is libircclient1 and libircclient-dev on +Debian but it is outdated as of this writing; so you should get libircclient-1.8 +from <>, compile it and install it +(this requires the package libssl-dev on Debian, and of course make, a C compiler, etc., which you can get on Debian system by installing e.g. the package build-essential): - svn checkout svn:// - cd libircclient ./configure --enable-openssl --enable-shared make sudo make install