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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -221,13 +221,18 @@ this behavior and prevent irctk from joining any channels except the ones given at startup, use --no-join (can be useful if irctk's stdin is attacker-controlled). Note that this only affects the behavior of irctk on regular channels: even with --no-join, irctk will be able to send private -messages to anyone. If this is undesirable, you will have to prevent it -yourself. +messages to anyone, and will try to send messages to unknown channels (just +without trying to join them first). irctk will interpret some commands starting with '/' in a fashion similar to irssi. To inhibit this (can be useful if irctk's stdin is attacker-controlled), -use --no-command-to-event. To escape, use '/say' or '/ '. The supported commands -are: +use --no-command-to-event. + +When irctk is provided attacker-controlled input, the right way to escape is to +prepend '/say' or '/ ' before every line provided to irctk (be careful if the +attacker may provide newlines). + +The supported commands are: /nick NICKNAME (change nick) /mode MODE (set channel mode) @@ -238,6 +243,7 @@ are: /invite USER [CHAN] (invite a user to a channel) /kick USER [REASON] (kick user from current inferred destination) /me MSG (/me message) + /notice MSG (say as a notice) /say MSG (escape) / MSG (escape) /notice MSG (like /say but use NOTICE)