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cleanup readme and mention IrcTK

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -1,13 +1,18 @@ -TODO use -m -c -n! irctk is a general-purpose IRC wrapper. It connects to an IRC server specified as [NICK@]SERVER[:PORT] as a CLI argument, posts what it receives from stdin and displays what is said to stdout. +Beware, this code is not yet secure or clean. I have been using it +regularly for some time, but your needs might be different from mine. + +irctk is not related to IrcTK by Max Countryman +<>. + To compile, you need libircclient. -TODO this code isn't tested, complete, secure, optimal or whatever -TODO these examples aren't secure!! +TODO these examples aren't secure +TODO use -m -c -n Examples: (we assume that fifo is a fifo, ie. run mkfifo fifo) @@ -100,5 +105,5 @@ Send your syslog messages to a channel. ./irctk -pPo nick@localhost '#test' | cat > fifo cat fifo | while read line; do echo "`date +%R` $line"; done -TODO poor man's irc client +TODO poor man's irc client with screen