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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -52,11 +52,22 @@ shell from interpreting '#' (irctk won't see them). More elaborate options are supported. Here is how to connect to a password-protected channel on a password-protected server on a non-standard -port, specifying a custom nickname, username and real name, and disabling SSL -certificate checking (for connecting to servers with SSL support and a -self-signed certificate). +port, specifying a custom nickname, username and real name. - $ irctk -s -U jh -R "J. Hacker" '#test:chanpass' + $ irctk -U jh -R "J. Hacker" '#test:chanpass' + +To connect to a server with SSL support, run: + + $ irctk --ssl + +To additionally disable SSL certificate checking, and allow self-signed and +invalid certificates (at the risk of falling in a man-in-the-middle attack), +run: + + $ irctk --ssl --no-check-certificate + +Connection will fail if you specify --ssl but the server does not support SSL, +or vice versa. === 3.2. Using irctk's stdin ===