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Wikileaks is so depressingly unsecure

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Wikileaks is the first concrete realisation of the crypto-anarchist dream: completely anonymous leaking, dealing blows to tyranny. (Source.)

I can't help but feel a bit depressed whenever I read something like that. Yes, Wikileaks is probably following the spirit of crypto-anarchy, but it is surprisingly lacking as far as the crypto part is concerned. You'd think that it would be using technologies such as Freenet to ensure that submitters cannot be traced and the Wikileaks site cannot be censored, or GPG keys to authenticate their releases, or HTTPS to serve their website (it's not working). Instead, Wikileaks is using ordinary technologies, and is trying to solve problems as they can. The most incredible thing is that it's working despite all this. (Of course, you still have to trust them when they say that they aren't tracing submitters, because they can't really prove that...)

(Yes, I know that using the right tools would have prevented Wikileaks from reaching a wide audience, and that this would probably have reduced their impact. I'm not saying that they should have used Freenet or anything; I'm just sad to notice that using the wrong tools seems to be good enough.)

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