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Why this blog

Sometimes, when I interact with other human beings, I realize that their way to think about the world is radically different from mine. To put it differently, I have a few weird opinions with a long chain of logical consequences which I take for granted, and I sometimes discover that people just don't think that way. I tend to be quite surprised when it happens, all the more so because superficially, other people and I tend to behave in the same way and can communicate quite easily. I'm always amazed by the fact that human beings probably all have a very different view of the world, but still manage to implement with very few glitches the interface required by society.

Hence this blog: by explaining things which seem obvious to me, and trying to find out why they seem to be so, I hope that, perhaps, if you believed them to be not obvious but plain wrong, you will think them out and realise that they could be true (because they are, since, as I perhaps forgot to mention, I'm always right). This is, of course, a reasonable goal: it is a well-known fact that people tend to change their basic mental beliefs by reading some random twenty-line ramblings.

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