This page describes the content hosted on this website which pertains to my job as an assistant professor at Télécom Paris. You may also refer to my professional webpage.


You can read a summary of my research, or see the list of my research publications or the list of my talks (some of these are non-professional).

I also maintain a list of open questions and I propose some internship and PhD offers.

I have an ORCID ID and Wikidata item.

DIG team

I organise the seminar of the DIG team.

Reviewing and service

The list of my reviewing service is available in my résumé.


My teaching page is hosted here. See also the page for Télécom applicants to MPRI.

Examiner for competitive exams

I served from 2016 to 2021 as an examiner for École normale supérieure in theoretical computer science, and published the exercises that we posed.

Applications to research positions

To encourage transparency, I put some information online about my applications to research positions.