Here is a incomplete list of my pages, profiles, accounts...

Current pages
This website, also hosting my blog.
My professional page at Télécom Paris
The club Inutile website, that I manage with Pablo Rauzy.
My home page on ulminfo, which redirects here.
My home page at ENS, which redirects here.
The club Arcanoïd website at ENS, now out of date with the real one.

Current profiles

I usually do not contribute significantly to websites unless they provide dumps of their content under a free license.
My user page on the French Wikipedia.
My user page on the English Wikipedia.
My profile on StackExchange

Former activities
Club Arcanoïd de l'École normale supérieure (former interim president)
Hackens (former member)
Student directory of the École normale supérieure (former team member)

Old pages

I used to be the maintainer of the following dead public websites. I list them here for exhaustivity; I do not endorse them anymore.

I used to have some projects on Gitorious, a hosting service which no longer works. These projects are now hosted on this website. Specifically, I used to own the following outdated projects (now hosted here): continuity crooks drime ens-ulm-1 frhyme haspirater irctk kesterel2lustre mybin myconfig nlsplit plint snipe ttyrex wikifirc (now redirecting here)
Used to be a mirror of this site, hosted elsewhere (now redirecting to an archive here)
My old blog, inactive, little useful content.
This domain used to be mine because it was cheap to buy, but I switched because it was expensive to renew.
The old club Inutile website, now defunct.

My OpenId profile


My XMPP account is a3nm<REMOVETHIS>

Private websites

I used to be the maintainer of several private websites. Their addresses are not public information. Users of these websites can contact me for any inquiry.