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No free view? No review!

I have blogged last month about my commitments for open access. Now, with Antonin Delpeuch and the CAPSH association, we are taking this to the next level and launching an initiative: No free view? No review!.

The idea is to give researchers a simple way to publicly say that they no longer want to review for closed-access conferences or journals, or prefer not to do it (we have kept the wording pretty open too). My hope is that will help show that many researchers support open-access, and get them to change their reviewing habits, which are easier to change than publishing habits.

So if you are interested, you can sign the pledge, advertise it on your webpage to stop closed-access reviewing requests, and spread the word around you!

Oh, and for another take on open-access and academia's flaws, last weekend I was thinking about that question: what if academia were an open-source project? And inspired by this, I wrote some contributing guidelines for computer science research. I hope this is fun to read — it certainly was fun to write. :)

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