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Sun Aug 28 16:17:49 CEST 2016

Recipes, formulas, instructions

Forwarded by Marie Farge, in the Copyright Transfer Form of the Journal of Plasma Physics, by Cambridge University Press. This is a scientific journal publishing research articles. The emphasis is mine.

I/we warrant that I am/we are the sole owner or co-owners of the contribution and have full power to make this agreement, and that the contribution has not been previously published, contains nothing that is in any way an infringement of any existing copyright or licence, or duty of confidentiality, or duty to respect privacy, or any other right of any person or party whatsoever and contains nothing libellous or unlawful; and that all statements purporting to be facts are true and that any recipe, formula, instruction or equivalent published in the Journal will not, if followed accurately, cause any injury or damage to the user.

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