Sun Aug 28 16:17:49 CEST 2016

Recipes, formulas, instructions

Forwarded by Marie Farge, in the Copyright Transfer Form of the Journal of Plasma Physics, by Cambridge University Press. This is a scientific journal publishing research articles. The emphasis is mine.

I/we warrant that I am/we are the sole owner or co-owners of the contribution and have full power to make this agreement, and that the contribution has not been previously published, contains nothing that is in any way an infringement of any existing copyright or licence, or duty of confidentiality, or duty to respect privacy, or any other right of any person or party whatsoever and contains nothing libellous or unlawful; and that all statements purporting to be facts are true and that any recipe, formula, instruction or equivalent published in the Journal will not, if followed accurately, cause any injury or damage to the user.

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Mon Dec 9 16:28:13 CET 2013

The Most Closed-Source License Evar

This website and all of its intellectual property is the sole property of Winestock Webdesign, LLC. Any person (hereinafter, The Buttmonkey) using this intellectual property without the express permission of Winestock Webdesign (hereinafter, The Company) shall, by that fact, forfeit to The Company all of his property and goods as well as the property and goods of his colleagues, loved ones, pets, and anyone he has ever met.

From the Most Closed-Source License Evar, version 1

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Mon Jun 11 17:54:42 CEST 2012

Travel contains some inherent element of risk

From the Terms and Conditions of the Google Code Jam 2012 Contest, about selection to the Onsite Final Round which takes place in Google's offices in NYC:

By accepting the travel to the Onsite Final Round, contestants represent and warrant that they understand that travel, whether in civilized or remote areas and whether by plane, automobile, boat, raft, or other conveyance, or by foot, on land or water, and in the air, contains some inherent element of risk of accident, illness, injury, loss or death, which may be caused by negligence, forces of nature, wild animals or other agencies, known or unknown.

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Mon Aug 22 12:55:38 CEST 2011

Telepathic powers

From a CASIO license document which was inside a "media package":

This is the License Agreement that you have already read and agreed to when you opened this media package. Please read it for reconfirmation.

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Thu Mar 3 18:58:56 CET 2011

Maximal indisponibility

From the terms of conditions. ( is an Internet hosting provider.)

ONLINE fera son maximum pour atteindre une durée maximale d'indisponibilité de l'Accès Internet.

Translated to English:

ONLINE will do its best to reach a maximal indisponibility duration of the Internet Access.

Thanks to Robin for finding this one and telling me about it.

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Thu Jun 10 23:09:54 CEST 2010

The End-Seller License

Information protectionists and other corporate fascist try to sell us software, goods or services under the terms of shrinkwrap licences they unilaterally define, and that they claim to bind you by your merely opening the package. Well, as a reply to such juridic abuse, I hereby introduce a solution to all these problems. Indeed, I have no less right than these fascists to impose unilateral terms that apply to people who want to do business with me. So I hereby solemnly declare that anyone who undertakes to have any business whatsoever with me is bound by the terms of following contract, therefrom known as the end-seller license.

From the End-seller license.

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Thu Jun 10 23:04:48 CEST 2010

Release the dogs!

From the Official Rules to EFF's Defcon 18 Getaway Contest (emphasis mine):

By participating in the Contest, you agree to release EFF and its employees, directors, officers, fellows, interns, staff dogs, and agents from any and all liability, claims or actions of any kind whatsoever for injuries, damages or losses to persons and property which may be sustained in connection with the receipt, ownership, possession, use, or misuse of any prize.

Also from the same source:

By participating in this Contest, you acknowledge and agree that Han shot first.

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Thu Feb 18 16:41:57 CET 2010

Best before 2050

From SlySoft CloneCD:

The license to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT ends at the 31st of December, 2050.

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Tue Dec 29 12:47:42 CET 2009

Don't be evil

From jsmin:

The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.

Found via Cnet news.

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Tue Dec 29 01:38:27 CET 2009

Email addresses have a price

From the International Star Registry:

Email addresses on this site are considered proprietary intellectual property. It is recognized that these email addresses are provided for human visitors alone. You acknowledge and agree that each email address the Website contains has a value not less than US $50.

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