french missing verbs with prefix forms
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2015-10-04 19:58also for latin with WORDSAntoine Amarilli9+32187-8
2015-10-04 19:58fix broken pipe errorsAntoine Amarilli1+5-0
2015-10-04 19:44split lefff reading codeAntoine Amarilli2+16-8
2015-03-25 00:22no need for progress reportAntoine Amarilli1+0-5
2015-03-25 00:18Fix ridiculous bug in calcpref.pyAntoine Amarilli1+1-1
2015-03-25 00:18consistency: add infinitives.txtAntoine Amarilli2+7817-1
2015-03-23 23:43nounsAntoine Amarilli7+60969-47
2015-03-23 00:55add generated filesAntoine Amarilli4+338-6
2015-03-23 00:46cleanupAntoine Amarilli1+2-4
2015-03-23 00:44continueAntoine Amarilli2+6-2
2015-03-23 00:41continueAntoine Amarilli2+55-27
2015-03-22 23:57initialAntoine Amarilli2+49-0